About Our Parish

The presence of a Greek Orthodox church in St Augustine, Florida, is a wonderful and unique blend of history --  that of the first Greek Americans to arrive  in the New World, and the rich tradition of the earliest and original Christian church.

The history of Orthodox Christianity goes back to the Apostles of Jesus Christ.  The history of Greek immigrants in America dates back to 1768.  Though that first colony of Greeks, Minorcans and Italians ultimately failed, those that survived moved from New Smyrna north to St Augustine.  Those Greek residents practiced their faith in various places, including the building that now houses St.Photios Shrine in the old city area of St Augustine.

As more Greeks moved to north Florida in the 1800’s, there was initially no formal Greek Orthodox church in St Augustine.  However, as the number of Greek Orthodox families in the area grew, they organized and incorporated a Hellenic Society, which eventually raised enough money to purchase a small church in downtown St Augustine in 1976.

Looking to the future, the parish purchased property on County Road 214, five miles west of downtown, and built a new church, social hall and classrooms in 2007.  This lovely church in the St Augustine countryside is still a Hellenic community, but is now made up of Orthodox Christians from many ethnic backgrounds.  

Whether you are just visiting, or are a new arrival to this area looking for a parish to call home, we welcome you to attend our Sunday Liturgy and join us for fellowship after services.